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Computerized Babies

Children and students today are learning about sex earlier than ever, and the statistics of children who are sexually active is climbing everyday. If you're a parent or teacher you are probably concerned about your child`s ability to make to adulthood without succumbing to the burden of an unplanned pregnancy. Getting pregnant and caring for a baby can cause a teenagers life to change dramatically, and many teens may not understand the difficulties. Computerized babies are the newest teaching tool to be used as a deterrent to teen pregnancy.

All over the country teachers and parents are utilizing computerized babies to effectively enhance sex education and family planning. This website aims to inform you about the technology and benefits of computerized babies and show you how to purchase them. You can find discounted computerized baby retailers and rental services here. Programs which have used these dolls have reported high success rates in the area of changing teen`s minds about early pregnancy.

These technologically advanced dolls cry like a real baby and behave in many of the ways a real child would. An internal computer keeps a record of the response times and effectiveness of the teen`s ability to attend to the doll`s needs. Most programs that use these types of dolls will also provide basic simulation baby supplies such as diaper bags, carriers, and bottles.

Students will usually be asked to keep a record of the doll`s activity and how they responded to it. There are many varieties of computerized dolls and they are designed complete with specialized customizations such as racially correct skin tones and anatomically correct body parts. The computerized babies must be 'fed' rocked, and have their diapers changed just like a real baby.

A computerized baby can truly help you teach your kids about parenthood. Find a cheap baby and have your kids practice with it today. We think you'll agree that this is a very realistic and more hands-on approach to providing your teen with the comprehension of what it takes to care for a living human baby 24 hours a day 7 days a week. No other product on the market today provides an experience which simulates the needs and obligations of caring for an infant in such an immersive way as a computerized baby.

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