CPR Manikins

The term CPR can be articulated as Cardio Vascular Respiration. The Manikins are three dimensional human figures. It's a powerful tool to teach anatomy is the educational institutions as well as in medical colleges teaching anatomy, demonstrating surgical operations. It can be wooden figure bearing the form of a man, woman, boys girls or the children ( Dolls) to display the new patterns of readymade clothes and vestments.

CPR mannequin is a three dimensional model or a figure or a dummy to display the new pattern or fashion of dressing. It requires a great refinement in art to produce the first model which should be realistic charming and attractive with well cut body shape. Man has displayed his great intelligence in parading these CPR Manikins by the application of electronics and magnetic power for which theses dummies show movements of the hands, blinking of eyes and even casting a smile to attract the viewers. The human perfection has reached so much realistic that these manikins look like natural beings. These are manufactured to the very life size of a person with well cut body shape and attractive hair style.

If you are an active driver or if you just want to be prepared in every situation then you might find it useful to acquire some CPR and first aid skills. Accidents happen all the time and that is why many categories of working people are required to take courses to learn how to give first aid if they find themselves in a situation where someone requires it. When you go to a first aid training you will have to get used to the CPR manikin.

There are various types of these manikins that resemble a real person to a different degree. For example, there is the 'Actar D-fib CPR/AED Manikin'. It is a very versatile doll that can be used at every first aid practice. Everyone learning first aid needs to be supplied with one of these to get used to the type of exercise he has to perform if he happens to be in an accident. The manikin has all the features of a real person. It has its own Adam's apple, a functional jaw, airways that can be closed and a tilted head. You can use it with different types of training electrodes and they are installed and removed easily. The student can get the feeling that he is in a real situation because the doll has everything a real human being has. You can get an adult manikin as well as an infant and a child manikin.

There are some differences between the ways CPR is delivered at different ages depending on the fragility of the human. For example, babies cannot be pushed harshly as they have very tiny bones that can be easily broken. They need to be handled gently. On the other hand, a grown up person requires more strength for a quality CPR. Therefore, you can use the different kinds of manikins to acquire CPR skills suitable for all ages.

Actar CP Manikins are very much suitable for teaching Anatomy, to study the part of the each organ of the body with minute entities like veins, capillary veins, their functions. The demonstration class with the use of Actar CP ( Cardio Pulmonary) tool one can study in detail the arteries functions, the complications, the effects, the remedies etc.

This simulation method of training more vivid that teaching even by films and DVDs. A great care should be taken to preserve this manikins from dust, excessive cold and from getting infection, if these are neglected they the manikins may get damp and damaged as well as dirty.

The use of CPR manikins become a source of inspiration, they arouse curiosity for exploring knowledge and discover the novelty by self effort.